Noo-Studio is a Contemporary Design Studio that provides design solutions for brands.


    noonoo: noun (pl. noonoos) variant spelling of nunu. nunu |ˈnuːnuː|(also noonoo) noun (pl. nunus) S. African informal an insect, spider, worm, or similar small creature. ORIGIN from Zulu inunu ‘horrible object or animal’.

    Noo: A Scotticism is a phrase or word which is characteristic of dialects of Scots. [1] An archetypal example is "Och aye the noo", which translates as, "Oh yes, just now". This phrase is often used in parody by non-Scots and although the phrases "Och aye" and "the noo" are in common use by Scots separately, they are rarely used together.


    I really enjoy working together with Peter, as he is open to other people's opinions and is more than willing to have objective discussions on how to come up with the perfect solution to satisfy the client's needs. I have always been very enthusiastic about Peter's work and was always proud to present his work to my clients. There's no doubt in my mind that Peter will go far, and I will continue working with him whenever the opportunity arises.

    Stefanie Candela, Event Coordinator
    Benelux Chamber of Commerce

    In the six months that Piotr’s collaborated with us, I’ve had ample time to judge both his work and his personality. From the beginning, I found him to have a very good sense of style, a broad range of knowledge related to the industry, and an ability to work with minimal supervision.

    Kevin Woo, Creative Director
    Kevin Woo Designs

    Our Skills

    Collaboration ( 99% )

    Concept ( 85% )

    Digital ( 80% )

    Product Design ( 77% )

    Identity ( 74% )

    Advertisement ( 60% )

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    Piotr Zalewski

    Creative Director

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    Viko Wu

    Freelance Photographer

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    Yutaka Onozawa

    Silent Voice / Creative Director

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    Dolores Gren

    PR & Marketing Consultant

    We create unique concepts that bring strong visual impact to our clients.

    Creative Collaboration

    Searching for inspiration is the key point of our designs, whether is branding, blogging, consultancy or product design.


    We focus on new pop-ups that give us space to develop the bold identities, visual and strong language that shapes the impact to be unique & recognisable.

    Responsive Digital Media

    With the introduction of the new media devices, we adapt the language of coding and developing to show the best of the identity on displays.

    Creative Concept

    With strong focus on style of the overall company image, we recognise brainstorming as a part of everyday solutions for brands.

    Graphic Design

    When it comes to graphic design we care about visual consistency of branding and delivering the objectives that are applicable yet market related with contemporary & art touch.

    Structural Design

    Analysing all the data: requirements, costs & limitations we find the creative solution for structures, starting from product design, packaging design, user experience.